Alternative Approaches VS Allopathic - Learning Has A Way Of Leading To Living More

Alternative Approaches Versus Allopathic - Drugs Kill - Alternative Approaches Do Not

Alternative approaches have been around for many centuries. You've heard this before, no doubt. What is the difference between alternative approaches and other features of life that have been used for many centuries? To begin with, alternative approaches have continued to improve, century after century. Rarely has there been stagnation in this particular arena of Mankind's efforts.

Alternative Approaches VS Allopathic - Learning Curve - Do Alternative Approaches Have One?

Anything that you improve even slightly in life, from the number of pushups you execute or the efficacity or quality of alternative approaches or the way in which your children finally develop habits that bring you great pleasure, anything and everything that we improve with repetition, becomes far more than the sum of its parts. It is a matter or question of synergy.

Synergy, as you probably know, is what happens when two and two equals more than four. Mathematically, it does not make sense. How can adding two and two create a total of more than four? That's the point: life does not always follow the obvious path. So too, with alternative approaches versus allopathic approaches. As a result of science presenting us with knowledge of our surroundings, we automatically assign greater credibility to the scientifically assessed or rendered. That's a big mistake for two reasons. The second reason is that greed and other unsavory traits cause many findings and renderings that are wrapped in science without foundation, lending them academic or other credibility in the minds of a majority of any population. The first and greater reason is that there are many facets of life that defy science and everything, literally everything it represents. Let's look at a few examples and then relate them to this discourse on alternative approaches versus allopathic prescriptions and approaches.

Acoustic Cardiograph
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