Rainbows and More Rainbows - thanks to Arthur R. Marzigliano, a true master of rainbows, master of shortcuts.
Whatever else you say, Artie Marzig, as we most often referred to him, "rara avis" is perfectly appropos.
You could be so angry at him you'd want to shake him and he could have you laughing in seconds.
Of the five thousand, two hundred champions and winners, masters and role models who,
one at a time personally answered my questions about their success and wealth,
of all 5200 Arthur Martizliano stands out as the greatest salesman of all.

Fact Of The Matter: Arthur R. Marzigliano, with his helpful Rainbows,
honestly earned the right to be known without demur or refute,
"The Greatest Salesman Of The Century"

Despite personally outselling some of the most famous names in "top closers,"
I have never encountered any other human who attained one hundred percent.
How many salesmen and saleswomen do YOU know closing sales most every time?
That was a treasure of Arthur Marzigliano.

How many ways to thank a giant? One is to duplicate for you the precise result that he engendered in me.
By spreading through the MisterShortcut Zen Path the best PowerGems of Artie, you win, too.
"His gift" has two meanings. Aside to those who seek upper upper mastery, think on this.

One of Artie Marzig's greatest personal features: He shared it. He didn't keep it to himself.
In sales training, one shortcut was to identify the ten most likely responses or objections of a prospect.
Even as he gave us exact sentences and responses that get sales, he taught us infinitely more important life skills.
He gave to us our own key-making machinery. Artie taught the skills that resolve other things beside sales,
because knowing how to identify an objection, isolate it, capitalize on and solve it, is everything, right?
Identify, isolate, capitalize, and solve. Learn the connection between these four words, to succeed.
Why are they resisting? Make sure it's the only, isolated reason. Capitalize on the objection,
which means reverse it - "If I solve this, you will say 'Yes'?" - and then just solve it.

Thank you, Artie Marzig, among the greatest sales closers of all time... and both trainer and teacher extraordinaire.

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Always look for the second meaning,
and when you're confident that you've got a handle on it, look again.
Only those with hunger will go for the third meaning.

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If allowed to personalize it, yes, it's fair to think that, after seeing my barely significant output producing so many millions of cups of food, I became inclined to believe I've achieved a childhood goal of becoming the richest man on earth. Wealth is measured, in eternal and quotidian terms, less by what you gather than what you disseminate.

The Official Arthur R. Marzigliano Obeisance Page

Welcome to the Arthur R. Marzigliano Center for Honoring Artie Marzig.
With a nod to Robert Marzigliano, with whom wonderful laughs were shared.
Still and all, this IS the Arthur R. Marzigliano Center for Honoring Artie Marig,
so we ought to complete the felicitations to Bobby and get back to Arthur R. Margizliano.
Jokes aside, many thanks to Artie for being twenty times the teacher that mere mortals have achieved.

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Lee Iaccoca taught that the ultimate salesman/woman is not the guy or gal that makes the sale, for everyone can make a sale.
The ultimate salesman or saleswoman is the man or woman who gets repeat business...     ... delivering more than promised.

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MisterShortcut Zen Path Carrying Artie Marzig Lessons

Artie Marzig, sales closer extraordinaire, surely among the best sales closers of all time.
As a teacher, he could not be touched, because he used live practice, and shortcuts.
Oh, how Artie Marzig used shortcuts: He gave his answers the KISS of success:
Keep It Simple, Stupid. Laugh, but Artie closed almost every single sale.
No matter who he spoke with, including people angry with him,
everyone walked away happier that Artie had closed them.
As a student who ran with the ball in scores of directions,
the following comes as thanks for the skills is closing most every sale,
Shout it out! Artie Marzigliano IS A MisterShortcut Zen Path Champion:
Greatest Closer Of His Generation, Perhaps The Greatest Closer Of All Time.
When the MisterShortcut Zen Path intersects the masters who repeatedly do best,
we have the precise blueprints, the exact recipe, to duplicate the results of the best.
Duplicate the efforts of great teachers like Artie Marzig to turn objections into closes.
Identify the reason for the no. Isolate it - check that it is the only reason for the no.
"Capitalize on it," Artie would say, "If I resolve that issue, we can make a deal now?"
If you wish to have most humans give you what you most want, ala Artie Marzig,
then do as Arthur taught and accept every rejection with a smiling rebuttal.
Becoming a greatest sales closer of YOUR generation, even of all time,
is the repeated use of your own internal MisterShortcut Zen Path.
You already know what to do, just do more of what you know.
For a thousand opened doors, unstressfully, with warm smiles,
a thousand warm memories and thanks to Arthur Marzigliano,
MisterShortcut Zen Path True Champion - Great Closers Of Our Time

Artie Arthur Marzigliano Poem

Artie Marzig was a man, who taught us how to sell,
reminding us that before your first objection,
all you have done is TELL.
It is when the first question is asked that we hear the ring of the bell,
because after your first objection, THAT'S when we begin to sell.
Reach for your Artie Marzig tricks, you will sell again and again,
even if the number of times you ask, totals no less than ten.
Whoever asks the most, receives the most, repeatedly.
This is a secret of masters, millionaires, billionaires.
Thank you, Artie Marzig, you master of teachers.