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Develop your excellence with the MisterShortcut Zen Path

What better opportunitity is there than today?
With 1,440 separate opportunities,
everything beyond big action
is basically small talk.

Designed for your self-empowerment The Godfather of EyeCandy, for You

If you have gone through the programs and CD's and more,
then you are already searching for the MisterShortcut Zen Path,
The great news is that the MisterShortcut Zen Path is already in you.
As a child you were trained, knowingly or not, to accede or to repeatedly persist.
Because you are able to recognize this, you get to use it as a thinking, effective adult.
One change. One shortcut. One improvement in any one or more of your repeated daily efforts.
WHAT DO YOU REPEAT MANY TIMES PER DAY? That's the place to start, instantly.
With nothing more and nothing less than deciding to do it better, you rise.
Excellence is nothing more and nothing less than an accumulation.
If you are going to repeat a given action a dozen times today,
count out, right now, how much of a difference you make.
One percent improvement, repeated one hundred times,
means far more than double where you started.
If you knew better, you would do better.
Now you know better, so show better.
This is your time, this is your place,
There is no better time to excel.

Shh. Embrace the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires,
the best shortcuts of champions and billionaires,
and without a doubt YOUR best shortcuts to succeeding.     Enjoy, the MisterShortcut Zen Path is free for your life.

Employ your MisterShortcut Zen Path to feed starving kids
The MisterShortcut Zen Path Counts On YOU You you
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There is no more noble effort within the MisterShortcut Zen Path.   What goes around....

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Share the MisterShortcut Zen Path and Tao of Healthier Living with YOUR intimates,
the people you most wish to assist, and to empower in their own pursuit of success,
for the MisterShortcut Zen Path and Tao of Healthier Living can be used by all.
The more we give away in life, the more that life repays our repeat generosity.
Empower people to empower themselves, effectively teaching us all to help.
The helpless of the world, whether creature or human, within air, sea, land,
all cry out to you to remediate the unconscionable greed of the wealthiest.

Share the MisterShortcut Zen Path and Tao of Healthier Living today.
Help to even up the playing field, living a life that lives beyond you.
How you spend your minutes shows how you're spending your life.
You get to double all results every hundred tries or so if you wish.
All masters of success can verify these master secrets of life.
The more you reach to help others, the more life reaches you.
Before you do more, cease pretending that you know more.
Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, correct?
Act the way you want to be to become the way you act.
When you imitate the great masters of this universe,
you imitate the results of these great role models.
PowerGems are of the masters of this universe.
You know more than those who still do more?
Speaking less, and doing more, is yours.
Share the MisterShortcut Zen Path.
Let us even the playing field.

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YOU are the MisterShortcut Zen Path.
Determine why you are here on earth,
then use these tools to make it happen.
Perhaps more than anyone on earth now living,
you are indeed the MisterShortcut Zen Path of Champions.

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