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Edta Chelation Studies

Suppository Chelation Protocol

Suppository Chelation FAQ


     Each suppository contains 365 milligrams of Magnesium Di-Potassium EDTA.  Each box contains 10 suppositories and when completed, represents two 3 gram I.V.'s.

Living in your own Tao of Healthier Living, you will find MANY encouraging natural approaches.
Learning more is, as you'll surely agree, a vital component of living more, of living stronger for longer.

Natural chelation therapy is clearly less invasive than having needles injected into the body.
The needle insertion alone is an interference field that will impel the body to send white blood cells, leukocytes,
in order to seek out invaders, anyone or anything that does not belong in the area, and, in the healing processes,
will always and without fail leave behind metabolites, which you can clear with mudpacks, or live with.
Choosing to live with these interference fields, where energy is forever reflexing improperly...
OPPORTUNISTICALLY, targeting the weakest organ or gland in the body, forever,
is not the path most recommended by Tao of Healthier Living practitioners.

Learn about chelation therapy, why modern day humans need to engage in chelation therapy,
and what the long-term and short-term benefits are for us, both medically, and naturopathically.

Learn more, so you can live more... naturally.



These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
Each and every one is designed to support your body's NATURAL method of healing.
Far more than a car's gasoline,
the fuel that goes into the human body profoundly affects both performance and Longevity.

You get to influence and affect the probabilities of your own Longevity,
with nothing more or less than a few better decisions about your body.
Whether it's simply adding more water and vegetables to your diet,
even if you're eating all kinds of garbage, every bit does add up.
There's no argument about the invasiveness of intravenous chelation therapy;
at least not from any rational minds. The question is the balance between benefit and cost.
"Cost" is used to convey both physical costs and the dollars and cents, as well.
Considering how much less AND how much safer natural chelation is,
there are now more and more companies offering natural chelation,
or more specifically, products you can use to perform your chelation.
The act of chelation, removing those heavy metals from your body and blood,
is a highly useful step for those who wish to extend the probabilities of their Longevity.
The price of intravenous chelation seems just too high, physically and financially, for starters.
As well, the stress of multi-level invasiveness of intravenous chelation simply reduces its attraction.

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