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The MisterShortcut Zen Path

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If you presumed that shortcuts are what the MisterShortcut Zen Path is about,
you'd be taking a shortcut right there, since, until this sentence, it's all been supposition.
When we jump to a conclusion prior to the facts being considered fairly, it's prejudicial.
This specifically injures your "problem resolution" muscles, something you and I can fix.
If you DID presume we'll be using the word shortcuts, then using shortcuts to present them,
then we'd agree that shortcuts are good to engage in the promotion of using more shortcuts.
You see, you made a judgement prior to having all the facts. Never mind that you're correct,
focus for the moment on effectively using shortcuts such as pre-judgment or pre-assessment,
regarding more important things within and without your life. Just one muscle to develop.

The objective is to see if we can use the word "shortcuts" seven percent of the page.
Disjointed idea, isn't it? Provided you maintain both relevancy AND seven percent ratio,
you can choose any word you like in your language and place it atop the search engines.
That does include "shortcuts" and "secrets," as in shortcuts and secrets of winners.
Employing shortcuts to do this means first finding those who it best and repeatedly,
and then adopting their methods, which you and I can fairly term "good shortcuts."
Follow the rules; simply use your shortcuts far more than anyone around you does.
You'll find yourself zooming up the listings. Shortcuts like this are really great.
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Apologives for the repetition.
Search engines, y'know?

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